Monday, May 16, 2011

First Major Overhaul: Master Bedroom

One of the first rooms we knew we wanted to erase the 'blah' from was the master bedroom. We wanted a serene retreat, someplace relaxing, comfortable and personal. Coming from years of renting we had trained ourselves to not make permanent design choices so deciding just what we wanted to do was sort of a big deal.

Here's a reminder of what our master bedroom looked like on closing day...

Bland, boring and beige...

Wallpaper. Yeah, I said it. Wallpaper...just one wall though...this wall...
Convincing the hubby wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. He's pretty open to new ideas and trusts that I'm not completely out of my mind when it comes to design choices. We went to a couple different wallpaper stores, but surprisingly found a couple great ones at Home Depot. We snagged a couple samples, brought them home and taped them up. We decided on a black/green grass cloth combo and lo and behold I come home from work to find the job already done!

The hubby was uber ambitious one day and decided he wanted to put up the wallpaper all by himself and apparently he will never do that again. Not only was it a gigantic pain in the butt, but he's also a bit of a perfectionist and working solo made it all really difficult. The good news is that it looks frickin awesome!
We received a gorgeous duvet cover and throw from my aunt and uncle for our wedding so we were working with a natural theme; dark browns and apple green. 

We replaced the gross white blinds with some more natural bamboo ones and some simple IKEA curtains.

I created a 'where I dry and straighten my hair' nook. All our miscellaneous bits and bobs are in those file folders and baskets. It keeps the bathroom clear of clutter and all our junk out of sight.

Fun fact: the dresser has been with me since childhood. It just keeps getting new hardware and paint to suit my fancy. I went for a 2 tone look this time just to try something different. The space above the dresser looks a little plain right now - hoping to add new art soon. 

Before + After
Not too shabby for a gallon of paint and couple rolls of wallpaper. 

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