Kuro Ninja

{My favourite shot}

Kuro is a cat, but she's not just any ordinary cat. She is a ninja cat. She can be the quietest, sneakiest, smartest little thing...until she falls off the window ledge or scrambles across the floor because the toaster popped and scared the bejesus out of her. Ninja or not, she is our 2 year old darling who has had a bit of trouble adjusting to the new place, but we'll start at the beginning.

Kuro {which means 'black' in Japanese}, used to be called Jasmin. She lived with a nice older couple in Scarborough but they had to give her away because the alpha-cat in that household used to beat the crap out of her. So we adopted little Jasmin, a very skittish, not-quite-kitten, with trust issues.  For the first few weeks we brought her home with us we didn't see her at all. And I mean, at all. It was like she vanished into thin air, except every morning her food bowl was empty and her litter box full.

We eventually managed to lure her out of hiding with Qtips. They were {and still are} her favourite toy and I still remember the first time she let me pet her. As the next year or so went by we renamed her Kuro Ninja {because of her awesome disappearing skills} and she became the cuddliest little ball of fur. If she had arms I am certain she would throw them around us and never let go. Her favourite cuddle spot is on the centre of your chest, directly between you and your laptop...
{Adorable? Yes. Helpful? No.}
{Kuro & Poppa relaxing}

After we bought the house and started planning the move we started to think about how Kuro was going to react to a complete change of scenery. And if she did go into hiding how were we ever going to find her? Add to that the terrifying reality that if she were ever to escape and get outdoors we would probably never find her and she wouldn't last long. Kuro's original parents declawed her so she would have no way to fight for herself.

Needless to say the move was not easy on her. The day of the move when everything started being loaded into the truck we put her into the empty bedroom to avoid the confusion of moving furniture and shuffling feet. All we heard from her were pitiful meows the entire time. When she needed to get into her carrier she made a break for it and managed to wedge herself into a false cabinet in the kitchen, which resulted in us having to pull out the stove and disassemble some cabinets. Since getting to the new house she has been ok. It seems like she is much more nervous than normal and never completely settles down. Each day is better than the last and we hope that soon she'll be back to her old self.
{Completely relaxed Kuro @ the old apartment}