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Finding our first home in Toronto, Ontario was not easy. We went through 2 real estate agents before finding Jody {a stellar agent who cared about us and helped us find our darling}. We viewed hundreds online and visited 15 properties before finally feeling 'at home'.

We're relocating from convenient Yonge and Eglinton to the East Side at Danforth and Woodbine. It's going to be tough to not have everything on your doorstep and the commute is a bit longer, but {hopefully} owning is worth it.

Our home is a 1920's semi-detached 2-storey with a whopping 700 sq ft. Yep, it is roughly the same square footage as our current apartment, but this place is ours! No more saving quarters for laundry or waiting for an elevator when all you want to do is get home.

 I feel like our house is the shy girl at the dance who just needs some confidence to shine. There's so much potential, it just needs a little push in the right direction.

Living Room
There is no foyer to speak of in this little gem. Bam! From the front door directly into the living room. No closet to speak of and no where to put your shoes. We're hoping to create a fun, fresh and welcoming room - with a little bit of functionality too.

{Insert Fireplace Here}

The room itself is a decent size, but with an awkward layout and not a lot of counterspace it makes cooking a real chore. Far, far down the road (just a speck in the distance right now) we plan on gutting the whole kitchen and start from scratch. Until then we will live with crooked cabinets and half-alive appliances.
{Sorry cabinets, but you gotta go!}

Backyard + Deck
The outdoor space really sold us on this house. The deck is a great size and good quality. It could use a powerwash and maybe some stain to protect it, but we definitely have the building blocks for some rocking summer parties.
{I'll see you next summer}
The yard is narrow, but long and Jeff has big dreams for a big shed to house all his toys. I just want a hammock.
{Oasis in the Big City}

Master Bedroom
A good sized room with a lot of potential. We are going to work on this room first because we believe it will probably be the quickest and it's the room we spend the most time in. New carpets and a new closet are a maybe, new paint colour is a must!

Spare Bedroom
We don't really know what we're going to do with this space yet. We don't have children and we don't often have a lot of overnight guests. We've thrown around the idea of a home gym or a really big closet!
{Office or Home Gym...only time will tell}
Upstairs Bathrom
There is part of me that really likes this tiny bathroom and then part of me can't wait to grab a sledgehammer and rip everything out. Our long term plans involve a soaker tub (if we can get it up the stairs), a dual flush toilet, new vanity and sink, new tiles and paint. I can see it now...
{Cutest bathroom in the GTA}
Basement Den
The basement was already finished with a premade 'man cave' for Jeff (you can totally tell a single dude lived here before us). We're planning on taking this dingy space and turning it into a chic lounge.
{Needs a woman's touch}
Little office nook under the stairs...

Basement Bathroom
This little second bath is lacking a bit of character, but overall is in pretty good shape. I think we'll try a fun paint treatment.
{Tiniest bathroom in the GTA...well, probably not!}
Laundry + Utility Room
After dealing with apartment laundry rooms for the last 4 years I am so pumped to be able to do laundry without a handful of quarters. We'd love to turn this utilitarian room into a cheerful space where laundry can be fun (well, maybe not fun - but more enjoyable than it has been in the past).

Storage nook, my inner OCD can't wait to organize this mess from the previous owner.

So many plans, so much paint, too much fun!