Monday, May 30, 2011

Front Room: Progress Report

Our front room took forever to come together. After we finished painting it looked like this...

And then it sorta stayed that way for a little while. Our crazy/opposite/overbooked schedules made completing this room a bit of a challenge. With Hubs and I busy at work my father was busing building us this awesome faux fireplace.
{checking out the progress on a trip home}

So, why did we want a faux fireplace? Why not just get an electric one? Well...we looked at some electric options, but in the end we didn't need it to be practical. I just wanted the look of a fireplace without the cost of an actual one. Jeff designed the aesthetics of the piece and my dad generously offered to build it.
{Kuro has decided that it isn't a fireplace, just a large cat bed}
Next I whipped up some curtains made from this awesome fabric from Tonic Living.

We snagged a couple adorable robot prints from JohnWGolden's Etsy Shop

The finishing touch was Walter {he will stay a surprise for now} who came to the house like this...
{excuse the blurry BB picture, I was so excited when he came I lost my mind a little}
It took us another couple weeks to arrange the furniture how we wanted and make it resemble a living room again. There's still a couple things we're tweaking now but it is miles away from where we started...

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