Monday, May 9, 2011

Newest Addition to the Family...

With the Hub's birthday coming up a couple weeks after the move I knew I wanted to get him something special, something that would commemorate such an awesome occasion as turning 26 and buying a house. One night during my latenight internet wandering I came across DNA11. They can take your actual DNA and turn it into a work of art. Because I am a geek and I married a big nerd I knew this had the potential to be an amazing gift. After you choose your canvas size, colours and place your order on the website they send you a DNA collection kit {I chose the 2 person split screen in 'Inferno'}...just one could I get a cheek swab from my darling husband without letting on what I was actually doing.

Long story short, I made up a big complicated un-truth about some long lost cousin in New Zealand who was researching our family tree and she wanted everyone's DNA for some obscure reason...and it worked! I got the sample from him, sent it away and in 6 weeks this beauty arrived.
{Love the colours!}

It fits perfectly over our couch and is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. Jeff is on the left side and I am on the right. DNA11 can even take your children's or pet's {!} DNA and do the same thing. Oh science, how I love you.

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