Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fawesome Fit: In Memory

When Hubs was in university he bought a shiny new car. A Honda Fit. We called him Mr Fit and and we loved him. He bought it for a couple reasons but my favourite was because of it's amazing storage capabilities. The backseats fold completely flat and the hatch has a HUGE opening so you can really get a lot of stuff in there.

Proof 1
2 full size interior doors - not a problem.

 Proof 2
8' long workbench materials - no sweat.

Proof 3
Bringing home 8' x 4' ply - I find this picture hilarious. Yes, those are beach towels protecting our roof.

Sadly, our time together was not meant to last. A couple weeks ago Hubs and Mr Fit got into an accident on the highway. Thank my lucky stars that Hubs is fine, but Mr Fit was not.
He looks like he's wincing in pain. Without going into all the details Mr Fit was totalled. And though another car could never replace him we couldn't really just buy a couple of scooters and call it a day (though I really, really wanted to).

We got a new-to-us Fit and call him Professor Fit and he's just as awesome as his brother. 
Proof 1

8 piece patio set all in one trip! You can see Professor in the background peeking his head over.
Don't believe me?
Oh yeah, it happened. Now I just have to wait for sunny skies to snap some pics of our 'in progress' patio!

 Here she is, all set up and ready for summer fun!

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