Thursday, May 5, 2011

Movin' On Up!

Moving day flew by and I hardly know where to begin!

It all went extremely well. We managed to pack all of our belongings into a Honda Fit, Chevy Equinox and Uhaul Truck...
{Our Moving Fleet}

...and made the trip across Toronto during rush hour. Should I have planned that a bit better? Yes, yes I should have. But we all arrived in one piece except for a small chip off the frame of a mirror...which some super glue fixed right away.

With the move on Oct 28th it meant that Halloween was only a couple days away and my priority was decorating and making sure we had enough candy for the neighbourhood kids (important stuff, right?). I had no idea how many kids to expect so we bought way more candy than we thought we would need, but by 6pm we hadn't had a single Trick-or-Treater. I started getting nervous thinking that maybe parents were keeping their kids away from our front door because we were new and in this day you can't be too careful, so I started snacking...and snacking...until the doorbell started ringing and the parade of adorable children didn't stop. We actually almost ran out of goodies so the Hubs went sprinting down the street to the grocery store for more.

With Halloween gone by we started thinking about...dun dun DUN....{The Wall}. The Wall is the exterior side wall (we're in a semi) that was covered in Insulbrick siding that had seen better days {it was roughly 20 years old and was starting to fall apart}. Insulbrick is a paper based siding material with an ashpalt coating made to look like real brick from a distance.

{Before: Ugly, gross and falling apart Insulbrick}

It had to be fixed so we dipped our little toe into the big, bad, scary world of contractors. Luckily, through some research and referrals we found a great guy who did a stellar job at not only properly sealing the house, but also installing brand spanking new siding. It was a huge sigh of relief when it was all said and done - pictures to come!

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