Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Officially Homeowners {keys in hand}!

We purchased the house in August, but didn't close until October so it was a long wait to actually be able to move and sometimes we never thought the day would come...Closing day! In October we found ourselves in the lawyers office signing our lives away...ahem signing the mortgage papers and when we finally had our keys in hand we couldn't get over to the house fast enough.

By the time moving day rolled around we had been living amongst boxes and bags for way too long as we slowly packed up our apartment and our lives.

Please excuse the terrible pictures taken with my Blackberry. I had packed up my camera somewhere and although ripping open all the boxes to find it is tempting I just couldn't do it.

Kuro {our cat} was curious and confused by these events. When we moved her the next day she was terrified.

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