Monday, July 4, 2011

Grey is the New White

We loved the way the colours on our shed turned out, so when we decided it was time to give our house a facelift we stuck to the same colour palette (Behr's Elephant Skin and Painter's White to those interested).

This is what we had to work with - sickly green siding on top, stock white on the bottom, rickety stairs and peeling paint. We've already fixed the ugly insulbrick on the side with crisp white siding, but we still had a lot of work ahead of us.

We spent all long weekend working and this is where we're at...

- window casing painted white
- steps repaired (yay for not breaking an ankle!)
- removed old house numbers
- spraypainted mailbox and lights
- painted walls and columns

To Do:
- make new house numbers
- paint floor
- paint front door
- paint green siding white

The green siding really ruins the whole look for me so I prefer to use this view instead...

I love the way it's starting to take on a more modern feel (which we are big fans of) and I have big ideas for the rest of our To Do list to keep it heading in the modern direction, but first I need a nap and a cold beer. Here's a couple inspiration pictures to keep you interested.
{from Design for Mankind}
{from Not Cot}
{Rug from Urban Outfitters [no longer available], picture from Black. White. Yellow.}

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  1. LOVE it! really like the house numbers - can't wait to see it finished! :)