Monday, July 25, 2011

Consider Yourself Warned...

One thing we didn't realize when we went from renters to homeowners was the amount of people who would knock on our door and try to sell us things. Things we don't need. And the amount of junkmail we get on a daily basis is horrendous. We've stopped even looking at it and it just goes directly into the recycling bin.

After recently getting sucked into a half hour conversation with a woman selling water heaters I decided I needed to do something to try to stop the flow of unwanted visitors and junkmail. I found decalfarm on Etsy and ordered a custom design based on their awesome 'no soliciting' decal - I fell for the little jolly roger and am hoping he inspires fear in the postman.

Less than 2 weeks after ordering I got my package in the mail and didn't waste any time applying it to our mailbox.

Applying decals is a super easy process and decalfarm sent really easy to follow instructions for a flawless application. I spent a bit of time playing around with placement because once you remove the backing you can't reposition it.

I went with the off centre placement for a bit of visual interest. After cleaning the surface, remove the backing and press down firmly. I used a credit card to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles.

 Then slowly (slowly!!) peel off the paper, leaving the decal behind.

With the mailbox back in it's place we'll have to see how effective the message actually is, but I love the look of it!

Oh yes, I forgot to show you our new door colour! Must be the summer because I've been in a very sunshiney mood lately (first the laundry room, now the front door). Boring white... Daffodil Yellow!

Any tips to keep the junkmail and salesmen at bay?


  1. A your blog.


  2. Love the mailbox and the sunny yellow door!! I talked my parents into a yellow door years ago, though they went with a more saturated mustard, it's awesome. The house looks great!

  3. A doberman?? I wish! Well, maybe something a little more cuddly would be good too.

    The colour we picked was actually a bit warmer/saturated on the chip but because I am totally inept it ended up much cooler when we actually painted it on the door. But I still love it!

  4. Love the door colour, Sarah! And the whole blog, of course - so crafty. Inspiring for when I someday, hopefully, purchase a home... By the by, Canada Post employees are required to deliver flyers, etc because Canada Post is paid to do so by advertisers. You can contact them about trying to get off that delivery list that we're all automatically on... Hopefully your decal deters other advertisers attacking your mailbox!