Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Jeff's Project} Rat Rod Mower

The old owner of our place left a bunch of shit behind, including a sleeper sofa that weighed a million pounds (which we demo'd) and a pile of metal that turned out to be an old, rusty reel mower. Being the ever purposeful guy that Jeff is he turned that rusty hunk of metal into a slick, grass cutting machine.

First he took it apart...

Then cleaned, degreased and hung up each piece to paint (sorta turned a little creepy at this point)...

Finished painting, high gloss red and flat black - classic hot rod colours. He was going to chrome the reel, but figured that that would blind him continually when he was cutting grass - which is bad.

Some of the nuts and bolts were too rusty to put back on so some new hardware was found and it was regreased and put back together again. He masked over the original label so that it would still be there. You can sorta see it on the white bar at the front.

After a trip to Home Hardware to have the blades sharpened ($40) she is as good as new and
cuts like a dream. So much better than spending $100 on a new one!

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