Monday, July 18, 2011

Painted Floor Rug

Our porch progress has been coming along swimmingly and I thought today would be a good day to share what's been going on under our feet. Our long term plan for the porch is to enclose it and make it added year-round living space, so we've been trying to keep the cost of our current face lift low. We thought about tiling the floor - but it's not really recommended in our area due to the hot summers and cold winters. We thought about carpeting or a rug - but it's just gonna get dirty and drive me bananas (plus we couldn't find one I liked that was affordable). The floor is plywood so we decided we might as well just paint it for now and once we actually enclose the space we'll figure out a more permanent solution.

We had a bunch of exterior paint left over from the walls, but we bit the bullet and invested in actual porch floor paint - we don't want it chipping and bubbling over time. I taped out a simple white border with a grey centre. Nice and simple...and boring.

We can do better than this! I was inspired by a project on Making It Lovely and after debating the merits of a kooky floor I figured 'what the heck?' It's only paint afterall, and if it doesn't work out then I can just paint over it and start again. I did some quick sketches of some different patterns and chose to go with petals (just like Nicole).

I used some chalk as a guide to help figure out the flow of the petals and help me determine a good size for them before committing with paint.

This was a slow, patient process that really turned into a labour of love over the 6 hours it took me to get from this...

To this!

I did have a couple helpers. Jeff chalked in petals as I painted and Kuro sat on the windowsill meowing in her confusion as to why we were outside and she was in.

Now that the floor is finished do you know what that means? Time to accessorize! Be back later with some COLOUR!


  1. I adore that! It makes me want to build a porch just so I can do it. I am going to pin it to my pinterest board.


  2. Thanks so much! I guess you could do this with almost any floor - just depends how brave you are ;)