Monday, June 27, 2011

Laundry Room - Progress Report

Last we left off we had mitigated the insane yellow and were moving on to better cabinets and curtains. What fun!

Clutter and untidyness (new word) drives me bananas, so a driving idea behind this laundry room makeover was to create more usable storage space and hide the rest of it. The first problem we had was the water heater and furnace - every home needs them, but they ain't pretty to look at. Case in point...

So gross. The annoying part is that these units need air to circulate so I couldn't really put permanent doors on this little nook. The solution? Curtains obviously! We can pull them closed when I don't want to look at ugliness and open them in the winter when we use the furnace more. Once again I looked to Tonic Living and found this beautiful fabric called 'Joy, Pearl' which went great with my ironing board fabric 'Tempo, Mambo'.

It was a pretty easy sewing job; a little heming, a little pocket for the DIGNITET curtain wire we picked up at IKEA.

And voila! No more gross utility nook...

You can also see the awesome new cabinets we installed. Lowe's was having a 20% off sale which made them cheaper than IKEA cabinets. Bonus! And just to prove how awesome we are, this is how we hang cabinets...seriously.

There's still some work to be done, like figuring out a countertop solution that won't cost a million dollars, but we're so close! Also, just because I want this blog to be as truthful as possible, I should mention that while we've been working on our laundry room our basement den looks like's an obstacle course and no one is the winner.

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