Friday, June 17, 2011

Proud Mama

You may have noticed a sweet little face peeking out from our bookshelves in this Living Room Reveal post. If you blink you'll miss her, but she's there and she's lovely.

Yes, it's an itty bitty painting of our little kitty Kuro. Adorable, no?

It's custom pet art from Yellow Brick Home. Kim and Scott are a pair of awesome bloggers and pet artists (well, Kim is the artist) and they provide an invaluable service to all the proud pet parents out there.

After you place your order you send them a gushing email all about your pet and why they are the most awesome cat/dog/bunny/porcupine out there.  They request a couple pictures (I sent 10) and then Kim works her magic. Each custom work of art is painted with acrylics on a 4×4 inch canvas and wood panel with a 3/4 inch profile. After about a month you receive a beautifully wrapped, totally one of a kind tribute to your furry baby.

And yes, I do refer to Jeff and I as Kuro's parents. It started as a joke and never went away.

Here are some other examples of the amazing work that Kim does...

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