Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Trip!

With the beautiful weather we've had over the last few weeks our attention has turned to our front lawn. And the disaster that it is. There's just no rhyme or reason to it and the weeds have begun to take over.

I'm in the midst of taking out all the little maple trees and those crazy grasses, but we lacked a plan. We knew we needed a little guidance so we went to the awesome Sheridan Nurseries in Scarborough. Yes, it was a bit of a drive but totally worth it. I've found that the employees of the local garden centres are usually either too busy with other customers or lacking in knowledge so we thought it best to go a place that was dedicated to all things gardening.

This place is gigantic (over 31,000 sq. ft!!) and everyone there was super knowledgeable...especially when I asked one of them if they had the 'things that are sorta greenish purple and look like cabbages' (they didn't have them but he knew what I was talking about).

The first couple plants that caught my eye were these neat looking guys. They're so visually interesting and super unique.
{Kong Red Coleus - super neat leaves and does great in the shade}
{Henna Coleus - funky serrated  coppery leaves}
Jeff was a big fan of the grasses section. The low maintenance of some of these grasses would be perfect for us.
{Japanese Blood Grass}
{Ribbon Grass}
{All Gold Japanese Forest Grass & Black Mondo Grass - fun!}
{Variegated Moor Grass - I love how spiky he is}
These succulents were totally my favourites. I'd love to use them in bunches around the front of the lawn in a little planter (I hope to build). They look super cool when they are green and then in late fall they flower - super bang for your buck!
{Autumn Charm Stonecrop}
{Autumn Fire Stonecrop}
{Autumn Joy Stonecrop}
{Angelina Stonecrop}

After all this green we were looking for some fun colour...and boy did we find it! Check out these 2 awesome guys, Ice Cream Banana and Ice Cream Cherry. Why wouldn't you want plants that remind you of sundaes? I was getting a little wonky in the heat so I didn't do a lot of research on these guys but plan on going back soon to find out some more about them (whether they like a lot of sun, their maintenance, etc...)
{Ice Cream Banana}

{Ice Cream Cherry}

I'm not sure how all these different plants will work together, but at least we have a starting place.

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